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Are boring, outdated marketing tactics driving away potential clients?

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Seboldt Marketing Solutions is an online marketing company backed by the knowledge and talent of founder Tara Seboldt. We focus our efforts on creating compelling content that sets your business up for long-term success with potential clients. To us, it's more than just words on a page- it's about building relationships and a community around your brand.

Most of our clients are in the agriculture, finance and banking, insurance, and legal industries. Known for being traditionally "boring" and perhaps a tad too technical, we want to show the lighter side of your industry. Our passion is in bringing out the personality of your company. We encourage you to show off the human side of your business and create lasting connections with your customers through thoughtful, entertaining, and relatable content.

Get to Know Tara

Content Writer Tara Seboldt

So, who is Tara Seboldt?

Good question; I'm a horse, cat, and dog mom, hiking enthusiast, avid baseball fan (go Cardinals!), and most importantly, a skilled content writer.

In my professional career, I have been the lead copywriter for a web design and digital marketing agency, an executive assistant to one of the top financial advisors in the country, as well as the digital marketing specialist for one of the largest agricultural cooperatives in the West. Through these professional experiences, I have developed unique content marketing skills that allow me to provide businesses with content that engages readers and search engines alike.

But that's the boring stuff!

Most days you'll find me tucked behind my computer while a couple of needy animals beg for my attention from my home in Idaho. A Midwest girl at heart, I grew up on a family farm in southern Illinois just outside of St. Louis, MO. Some of my more interesting points include:

  • Double Degrees- I have Bachelor's Degrees in both English and Equine Administration. The Equine Administration degree allowed me to stay close to horses during college and still gain valuable knowledge about starting, marketing, and running a successful business.
  • Finance Lover- I love finance: lending, savings, personal finance, investments, accounting... In fact, I almost added an Accounting minor in college because I had taken several of the required classes for fun. Now I spend a lot of my extra time using my writing skills to teach everyday people about strong personal finance habits.
  • Cat Fancy- There's something about the sheer self-confidence of a cat that I strive to replicate. Even though they have clearly defined comfort zones, cats always seem willing to step out of them. If things don't go as planned, they simply flip their tails and move forward.
  • Pig Girl- Growing up, I never had an allowance. My spending money came from showing and selling market hogs through 4-H and FFA at the County Fair each summer. This gave me a solid foundation of budgeting, responsibility, and sportsmanship.

Why I started Seboldt Marketing Solutions

I find myself constantly on the hunt to keep up with industry trends for those fields that I serve. In my research and past experiences, I noticed that many companies in these industries are being left in the dust as new digital marketing strategies emerge. Usually, only one or two major players take advantage of these new marketing solutions. When I began Seboldt Marketing Solutions, I decided to level the playing field for the smaller agencies, firms, and companies that may need some help jumping full force into these exciting new marketing strategies.

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